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My wife and I have been lucky enough to in one way or another enjoy a steady flow of great shows and movies, more than 20,000 over the last 42 years.

I’m sure others can claim higher numbers but we’re not competing just saying we love the visual arts and the stories they convey. So we typically see a couple movies or a few episodes of something cool every day. Hence the 20,000+ we have seen, not including reruns.

The point of this website is to take advantage of this brave new world, where we can share our passions with the help of youtube and other great resources like Wikipedia, etc.

Remember: This is not Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, TubiTV or FOX. We’re just a small operation with a huge passion for good movies, well-done TV, great indie movies, short films and selected classics.

That said, we already have a huge inventory and we add new materials every week, the big boys do not.  Eventually, we hope to have more programming than Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, TubiTV combined. So stay tuned and enjoy.

What you will find here is Hand Curated movies, shows and videos where we can find them.

You will also find reviews on a growing number of our programs, eventually all of them. But remember, we are not using robots to build this website. Instead, we ‘Hand Curate” only materials we enjoyed enough to share.

There is NO JUNK HERE. We love a good story and so we might let a title get a lower mark on sound, filming, sets, actors, etc. Just so long as the story is great. The same is true in reverse if the story is not very good, no amount of special effects will get the movie included here.

Watch Instantly | Free

Unlike other websites, our goal is to help you watch cool movies, shows and videos, ALL FOR FREE. In most cases, you can watch the movie or program here on our website.

Watch Instantly | Cheap

When we cannot find a great movie or program to watch for free, then we try to link to inexpensive places to watch it instantly like Google, Youtube Paid, etc.

Watch Instantly | With Membership

Many great shows and movies can be enjoyed via membership access at extremely reasonable rates. We commonly pay for; 1, 2, or 3 online memberships, to augment our experience with titles we cannot find free. We have been doing this since Netflix first offered online access, we cut all regular TV the same year.

Anyway, we hardly ever pay for long though as there is so much free and all membership websites have limited inventory that changes infrequently so we consume, leave, wait for a free or reduced trial offer, rinse and repeat. Costs us like $100 a year or less to add hundreds of great experiences.

So, we will try to let you know when a show or movie is available on one of the following platforms.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon

We will also let you know about every special or coupon we run across for these and other similar services. Even a 7-day free trial is cool and you can watch a lot of great shows and movies free that way too.

Great Titles | You Have Never Seen

But to be honest, we have come to find so many great indie films that most people have never seen. We plan to focus a lot of efforts on presenting collections of ‘Great Titles’ you have never heard of and would be disappointed to miss.

It’s absolutely amazing how many fantastic titles come from teams with less than a million dollar budget in an era where Hollywood spends more than $50 million on tons of new movies every year.

So please take the time to try some of our MOVIE NIGHT COLLECTIONS. We are sure you will enjoy them.


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Dustin, Marileen,
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