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  • 5 Super-Early Vegetables to Start in Winter


    Winter can be a frustrating time for us gardeners. If you’re missing some fresh homegrown produce, we’ve got you covered…

    When choosing plants that can be started early, follow our simple criteria to ensure you start harvesting in just a few weeks.

    In this video we identify 5 vegetables that you can start growing now and demonstrate how to get the best return from these early season crops.

  • 8 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Re-grow Again and Again


    Here are 8 such Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow Again and Again in your garden. Do you throw your garlic-bulbs out once they start to sprout? What about your potatoes when they get a little wrinkly? How about ginger-root that sits out on the counter too long?
    Well, you could be getting a lot more value out of your produce than you may realize! Many popular edibles can be regrown from the scraps you’re likely throwing-out. Keep watching for a list of veggie scraps you will want to hang on to, from here on out.

    Basil is a breeze to propagate. Simply take some healthy, fresh, 4-inch cuttings from a young basil plant. Leave just two sets of leaves at the top of each cutting, and remove the remaining leaves.
    Then, submerge the cuttings in a few inches of clean-water.
    It may take between 1-2 weeks for roots to form after which
    Plant it in a small-pot for the windowsill, or out in your garden.

    Another herb worth growing from cuttings is mint. Much like basil, you’ll want cuttings about 4 to 5 inches in length. Remove lower leaves and place the cuttings in clean-water. Once roots develop, Transfer to a container filled with potting-soil.

    3.Green Onions and Scallions
    Do you love to toss some green-onions on just about everything? Buy them once, and then grow them from the scraps on a windowsill. Place the root leftover from the green-onions in a couple of inches of water.
    And in just a few days you’ll notice roots form but also the leaves will start to grow. Continue to harvest while in water, or plant in a container of potting-soil.

    4.Ginger Root
    Have you ever bought ginger-root and noticed little buds forming? Plant it! You’ll have fresh ginger to harvest soon enough! Soak the roots overnight to encourage growth, and then you can transfer it to a container filled with potting-soil. Ginger doesn’t like standing-water, so make sure your container has drainage-holes.

    If your garlic-cloves start to sprout, plant them! Garlic is one of the easiest plants to grow over and over again. One clove planted in the garden, in either early-fall or late winter depending on your area, can multiply into a bulb of multiple-cloves.

    Celery follows the same protocol as many others. Once you use the celery-stalks, save the end that’s leftover. Place it root side down in clean water for around a week, then transfer the celery to rich, well-draining soil and watch it really start to take-off.

    Buy a fresh head of lettuce, make a salad, and plop the base of the leaves you’re left with in a couple of inches of water. Within a week it will begin to regrow!

    And 8. Sweet-Potatoes
    If you love sweet-potatoes, consider growing them yourself!
    submerging more than half of a sweet-potato in a glass of water and sitting it on a sunny windowsill. Wait for sprouts to form and reach 4-inches or so
    Once roots form and grow a little, plant out in the garden.


  • Bottle Tower Gardens


    This video shows the efficiency and sustainability of a bottle tower garden. They can be installed against the wall of a house or along a hedge or a fence.

    The number of bottle towers has to be adapted for providing food security for the family all year long and year after year.

    It is a method applicable anywhere on earth, both in rural and in urban areas, e;g. on a balcony. It can be applied at the lowest cost to alleviate malnutrition and hunger.

  • Bury An Egg In Your Garden Soil

    Good soil means everything for a gardener looking to raise healthy, happy plants.

    While there are certainly countless chemicals and egg expensive solutions, there are actually many simple things you can do to boost nutrients and maintain a successful garden.

  • Easily grow mushrooms at home

    Easy way to grow mushrooms with no special kit or tools needed.

    Fun for kids!

    Video uses a Cremini mushroom bought from the grocery store.

  • Growing A Jungle In My New York Apartment

    A model has created an oasis in the middle of New York City by cramming 500 plants into her apartment.

    Self confessed “crazy plant lady” Summer Rayne Oakes decided to turn her Brooklyn apartment into a forest after her roommate moved out six years ago.

    Since then she has expanded the collection in her 1,200 square foot apartment and now has more than 150 plant species including a full forest wall, pineapple plants and even a banana tree.

  • How To Cook With Cast Iron

    This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze!

    Your cast iron skillet can easily become your favorite cookware.  It is used at every meal and for so many types of cooking.

    From cornbread, veges, meats, the meals are endless!

  • How to Get FREE Blueberry Plants

    100% free blueberry plants!

    Store bought blueberries are a wonderful way to get free plants and tons of them too! In this video I will show you how to sprout blueberries, harvest the seeds, and the secret to getting them to sprout.

  • My House Plants Update

    Hey Loves! For those of you who are interested. I thought I’d give you a 3 month update on my house plants.

    I hope you enjoy my video!!!!

    Also, one plant I forget to mention was the asparagus/fern plant I previously had, I gave it way 🙂

    Also, with my palm plant, I got rid of it because it was having a lot of mealy bugs and spider webs and I did not want that in my apt.

  • My House Plants!


    Hi, I’m Alli!

    I’ve been making videos on this channel since June 2014, but I’ve been watching youtube videos for much longer ;).

    Before starting this channel as my creative outlet, I was in a major rut and thought the challenge of making a video every week would help. I’m happy to report that it did!

    Making Youtube videos is now my favorite hobby and I’m excited to see where it can take me in the future.

    On this channel, I share my journey toward a capsule wardrobe, travel videos, home decor projects, healthy recipes, natural beauty recommendations, and more!

    My husband (Nick) and I are also documenting the renovation of our 1974 dodge travco motorhome: lovingly referred to as the Cherry Travco!

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