Sky Pirates

1986| 1h 29m |

A box containing a part of a top-secret extraterrestrial key

Directed By: Colin Eggleston

Starring: John Hargreaves, Meredith Phillips, Max Phipps

In 1945, the Second World War is about to come to an end. Meanwhile, the Australian military has come across that an ancient device which can be used to travel through time. It is imperative that the Allies have it and the Axis powers do not.


John Hargreaves as Lt. Harris
Meredith Phillips as Melanie Mitchell
Max Phipps as Major Savage
Bill Hunter as O’Reilly
Simon Chilvers as Rev. Mitchell
Alex Scott as Gen. Hackett
Adrian Wright as Valentine

The experienced aviator Lt. Harris (John Hargreaves) gets assigned to transport the precious item to Washington, D.C.. Rev. Mitchell (Simon Chilvers), Mitchell’s lovely daughter Melanie (Meredith Phillips), Gen. Hackett (Alex Scott) and Major Savage (Max Phipps) are aboard the Douglas C-47 Skytrain transport. During the flight the power of the magic cargo makes the laws of nature fade, hereby causing a tremendous tempest which leaves Harris no other choice than to ditch the aircraft.

In rescue boats they discover a weird and misty area full of wrecked ships of different eras. Rev. Mitchell claims there was a connection to the so-calledPhiladelphia Experiment. Harris remains unimpressed and concentrates on the survival of Melanie and his crew, even for the price of immolating the arcane freight against Savage’s explicit orders.

Back home Savage has Harris sentenced for insubordination by a military court. Harris escapes and seeks to unveil the background of these occurrences. He beseeches Rev. Mitchell’s daughter Melanie to team up with him. Together they strive to retrieve the lost magic item. They disclose and confound Savage’s hidden agenda before they become a happy couple.

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