The Love Letter

1998| 1h 39m |

True love seizes time – beautiful story!

Directed By: Dan Curtis

Starring: Campbell Scott, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Purchasing an antique desk for his office, he discovers a secret compartment with Love letters stashed away. He takes it upon himself to answer one of the letters, which in itself is ludicrous, because they are separated by 100 years.

Sending it back to the address in the desk he receives a reply and they communicate back and forth through time, falling in love.

The issue is complicated by his fiance and she is having a hard time understanding. Even his mother who encouraged him in the beginning is now saying “give it up.”


Campbell Scott – Scott Corrigan
Jennifer Jason Leigh – Elizabeth Whitcomb
David Dukes – Everett Reagle
Estelle Parsons – Beatrice Corrigan

Based on the Short Story by Jack Finney
Hallmark Hall of Fame
Reuniting lovers from a century ago
This movie is a testament to the saying “Love conquers all, Surrender!”

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